Cohort 6 HQ

Cohort 6 HQ


Welcome to HQ for the stunning cohort six of My Next Electric, a community of folks curious about electrifying their lives!

If I can help with anything on your personal or professional electric journey, find me here! Thanks again for being part of this experiment, Matt

Our Oct 12 agenda

⦿ Beaucoup Eats :00-:30

1 Billion Machines

Shout out to Saul Griffith, founder of Rewiring America for his post on 1 Billion Machines

  • Sankey 2021: Quad = 1 quadrillion (1015) BTUs or 293.07 TWh
  • image
  • Behold the Super Sankey
  • image
  • The Billion Machine Sankey
  • image
  • The Household Sankey
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275 Million EVs

EVs vs ICE
  • Electric engines have always had the edge over combustion
  • image
  • It’s that magic energy density thing that the industry went with… Dense gas + Combustion > Rechargable storage + Electric efficiency
  • image
  • It wasn’t always this way….
  • image
  • As storage gets cheaper (90%/decade - Wright’s law), that half of the math flips
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  • AND EVs have lower maintenance costs, fuel costs, and might make you &. But the switch is more than the tech. Here’s a nice framework
  • Speaking of options
The 5% tipping point
  • Norway hit 5%… then Europe hit it….We just hit it….
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10 Machines in your electric future

  • Let’s head to the handout!
Which EVs can I get now? tl;dr: Not many….:45-:55
  • Automakers are working hard to adjust to the new rules on where batteries are made and where cars are assembled.
  • Add supply chain/COVID/chip scarcity/inflation and it’s a bad time to buy a car, so TL;DR is hold off as long as you can.

An fuzzy vision: the personal vehicle fleet

Take Aways

  • My next ___ will be electric. 1B machines; every one counts.
  • I’m an electrifier now. Think about who you are more than what to do.
  • Peek into the adjacent possible: Breakthroughs usually come from the edges
  • This may not be linear: How exponential is this?
  • Us, and: Bring your friends and skeptics along.


Rewiring America’s Go Electric Guide

Go Electric Digital Guide.pdf1504.5KB

The latest workbook from RA uses case studies to help us understand what electrifying might look like.

  • IRA = $375B climate bill signed Aug ‘22.
  • Case studies start on pg 15 of the pdf (pg 16 of print out)
  • Incentives are based on income: Low-income folks get the most, and get more upfront, while wealthier people get tax credits.

Rewiring America’s Go Electric One Page Planner


This nice one pager is actually page 33 of the Go Electric Guide, but it’s so good, we’re giving it special airtime.

  • Good breakdown of how the incentives work - rebates vs tax credits
  • Our ten electric swaps plus:
    • Row #2 for wiring upgrades
    • Row #4 for weatherizing
    • Row #10 for used EVs: up to $4k!
    • Row #13 for geothermal: 30% credit

Rewiring America’s IRA Calculator

If you’re online, use this tool to do some detailed planning!

  • Plug in get in where you live and what income bracket you’re in for details on what you’ll get out of the IRA.
  • Dig into the great guides on each piece of the puzzle!

DOE’s Vehicle Cost Calculator

It ain’t pretty, but it sure does crank out some cool data about how cars compare to each other on fuel and total ownership!


Electrek mega-summary on EVs after the Inflation Reduction Act

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Book list

My Next Electric book list

Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future
Your next ___ should be electric: We need to swap out 1B of them.
Atomic Habits
You’re an electrifier... Think about who you are more than what tasks you have to do.
All we Can Save
Be curious: Breakthroughs will probably emerge from the edges of current system.
The Exponential Age
Be optimistic: Solar, batteries, chips, and manufacturing can scale exponentially.
Newsletters/Pods to consider - Newsletter from Reilly Brennan. Automobile heavy.

ClimateTech VC - Great summaries of specific themes in clean transition.

Broken Ground - Great coverage of collective action that’s working in Memphis.

The Weekly Planet - Great weekly from author of my fave take on Inflation Reduction Act.

Day of tweet threads