About My Next Electric

My Next Electric started off as one of 5 startups I tried to start in 10 weeks in 2021. Since then it’s been an amazing journey of getting to know other people wrestling with why, how and when to get into electric vehicles. And where that conversation can lead, like into electric appliances and the evolution of our power grid.

Here’s a post I wrote after the My Next Electric community hit 100 alumni in 2022.

About Me

I’m Matt.


I've been teaching & coaching for 25 years and electrifying vehicles for 15. Making stuff like this fun & easy to understand is my jam. I don’t know it all. But I’m obsessed with creating a space for everyone to learn what they need to save money and live a more joyful life, especially during this messy transition.

I’ve spent the last year figuring out the best way to help people get started on this stuff. My latest and best iteration is a three-hour online course on EVs and homes. We’ve got more and more demand for EVs now, so that 90-min session’s a stand alone session, now! By the end of the course you’ll understand the pieces of the go-electric puzzle, have tried at least one new electric thing, met other curious people, and starting making a plan for your next electric. Learn more about me and connect here.

Thanks for being here, Matt