Owning an electric vehicle is a blast. Selling one can be too.

You might need an EV coach



Get better at selling EVs

  • 1:1 or team coaching on how to talk fluent EV
    • Vehicle design
      • Energy density: gas v batteries
      • EV efficiency: how to think/talk about it
      • Range anxiety: how to talk about it
      • Charging speed: how to explain it
      • Miles/KilowattHour vs MPG
    • Charging
      • Apps to use
      • DC v AC
      • Levels 1, 2, 3 and how to do the math
      • Tesla, Electrify America, and other networks
      • Timing on the switch to the Tesla charging standard
    • Rebates and how they work
      • $4,000 Used car rebates
      • $7,500 New car rebates
  • Teach grid-awareness and explain how owners can make money w/ that giant battery
  • Understand how to walk drivers through The EV Driver Journey
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If you sell cars in California or the 12 states that adopted their zero-emissions standards, you probably DON’T need an EV coach.

If you sell cars in the other 37 states, you might need an EV coach. EVs are coming at three different speeds, but they’re coming. And selling them in red states is going to be different than selling then in blue states.


You may have an OEM that’s crushing it with EV training. You may have one that’s doing nothing for you. You may be in the middle.

No matter how good your OEM is at EV training, I can help you get better at guiding customers along their EV Adoption Journey — especially the next wave of buyers. As we move forward past the early adopter, dealers will have to educate buyers more carefully about these vehicles.


I’m not here to preach, I’m here to teach. And I think if you learn more about how EVs work, and how they can work for drivers, you’ll sell more of them. Yes, the models matter. So do the prices. And the charging infrastructure. But this product is different, and you need to understand it if you’re going to make sure that isn’t the reason you aren’t selling all you can.

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My name’s Matt Candler, and EVs make me giggle. They’re hilarious fun; and they can save/make drivers more money than a gas car if they do a few things right.

Q: Why should your sales team get coaching from me on this?

A: I’m a veteran educator, a negotiations coach and an EV designer.

My New Orleans shop
My New Orleans shop

I’m a veteran educator. More than 9 million families have been served by schools and learning tools I’ve helped clever people build over the last 25 years.

I’m a negotiations coach. I sent the salesman back to their manager 5 times before I bought my first car at 16 — with a handshake steps from the edge of the parking lot. I won negotiations awards in business school and have cut multi-million dollar deals in multiple industries. I’ve taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to negotiate smarter. It’s my jam. I can help you demystify this process for drivers and make them understand the value of an EV vs a gas car.

I’m an electric vehicle designer. I’ve been riding and building electric vehicles for 20 years. Here’s a bike I built that Norman Reedus rode in season one of his show, The Ride. I speak fluent EV.

The Leafy Savage
The Leafy Savage

I live in Louisiana. If you live in CA, you probably don’t need an EV coach; 1 of every 5 new cars bought there last year was electric. Less than 3% of new cars bought where I live were electric.