Our December 5 Live Crash Course


You’ll go from curious to confident about buying an EV to fit your home, your lifestyle and your budget. In 2 hours.

  1. Find the EV for your setup/budget
  2. Where to test/buy, what to look for
  3. Make sure you get the best deal
  4. How & when to set up charging

WHEN: TUESDAY, December 5, 2023, 4-6 PM

WHERE: Warehouse District New Orleans!

Scale Workspace, 618 Andrew Higgins, New Orleans, LA 70130


The complete 1:1 Coaching Sequence costs $250. If I help you buy a $25K car, that’s a 1% insurance policy to make sure that investment delivers — including making sure you max out access to federal rebates of $4,000-$7,500!


I’ve been hacking my way through life with EVs for more than a decade, and I’m committed to making YOUR EV journey way less painful delightful. From fearless home and road-trip charging to understanding how your big battery might make you thousands of dollars a year someday by selling your power back to the grid, I’m here to get you EV Driver Journey off to a brilliant start.



  1. Sign up on Calendly - our next session’s November 29, 2023. It’s $250 per person.
  2. I’ll send you a 10-minute survey to help me customize for you right from the jump.
    • What vehicles you drive now and how you use them
      • What’s working, not; what may be changing
      • Details on your parking situation
      • On your commute
      • On your road trips
    • Financials
      • What’s your budget?
      • Trade-ins? Value/what you owe?
      • Rough #’s on income to calculate tax credit eligibility
  3. LIVE Class Agenda
    1. EV life fundamentals
      • Miles / Kilowatt Hour vs Miles Per Gallon
      • Range anxiety and charging speed
      • Rebates for new and used cars
      • How AC (levels 1, 2) and DC (level 3) charging works
      • Vehicle-To-X aka, what you can do when your car’s plugged in
    2. All the apps
      • Set you up with 1-3 apps so you can start learning where chargers are
      • Mock up a trip you might take with an EV
      • Practice all 3 levels of charging
    3. Test drive prep
      • Build a short list of actual EVs on lots to go drive
      • Book a Turo or Hertz rental
      • Rebate math
      • How different dealers think about EVs
      • Speed run on how to negotiate a car - hidden costs, dealer tactics
      • If you’re not buying a new Tesla, we’ll practice your math, role playing the deal back and forth. I’ll act as the person on the phone you call before you agree to anything.
      • After the sale
    4. After the class - text/emergency phone support once you get your EV home
      • Your first charge
      • Your first road trip - pro-tips for filtering, which chargers are good/bad
      • Setting up demand-management charging with your utility in your apps

Your fee also covers:

  • 1 month of access to weekly office hours
  • Lifetime access to the My Next Electric Wiki


Lifetime access to the My Next Electric WIKI

For two years, I’ve been building a WIKI for EV buyers. It’s full of the best stuff out there and from my own coaching sessions:

  • Tips, ideas on how to try electric before you buy
  • Buying guides on cars, e-bikes and emerging micro-mobility options from the best third-party reviewers
  • The best newsletter, video and long-from content about driving & riding electric
  • Alumni discounts:
    • We’re constantly testing new gear, and when we find something we really dig, we go get breaks for our alumni on it.
    • Like the JackRabbit ebike and
    • NeoCharge’s smart car charging adapter.

My obsession with Learning science

I’ve been building schools and learning tools even longer than I have electric vehicles, so part of this project is about basic brain science. I hope that means you’ll have more fun, and have a better shot at learning what I’m putting down.

Open to all

If this price is something you can’t do right now but you want to learn, email me (I’m Matt) for a scholarship coupon code. No Qs asked.



100% money back if you don’t get what you need

This not what you expected? Not enough bang for your buck? Just email me for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied about your experience. No Qs asked.