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The One World Schoolhouse

Salman Khan
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The One World Schoolhouse
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what the future of education should look like—a way of combining the art of teaching with the science of presenting information and analyzing data,

delivering the clearest, most comprehensive, and most relevant curriculum at the lowest possible cost. I have many reasons for believing this, some to do with technology, some with economics. But perhaps the most compelling is the feedback we have heard from students.

Let me be clear—I think it’s essential for everything that follows—that at the start this was all an experiment, an improvisation. I’d had no teacher training, no Big Idea

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sometimes the presence of a teacher—either in the room or at the other end of a telephone connection; either in a class of thirty or tutoring one-to-one—can be a source of student thought-paralysis.

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Khan Academy was mysteriously coming into being—was being pulled into being by the curiosity and needs of its students and their families.

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But when I started posting videos on YouTube, I had to abide by their guidelines. Although their rules have now changed for certain kinds of content, there was then a ten-minute limit for what the site would post. So my lessons were just about ten minutes long.

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Most importantly, the ideas that you and your peers collectively generate stick. To this day, comments and ways of thinking about a problem that my peers shared with me (or that I shared during class) nearly ten years ago come back to me as I try to help manage the growth and opportunities surrounding the Khan Academy.

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What should be fixed is a high level of comprehension and what should be variable is the amount of time students have to understand a concept.

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In study after study, mastery learning kicked butt when compared to conventional

technology has radically lowered the expenses formerly associated with mastery learning.

personal responsibility is not only undervalued but actually discouraged by the standard classroom model,

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