I’m hiring a project manager for cohort 5!

I need a partner!

If you’re interested…

Read the job description on this page.

Email me (matt@mynextelectric.com) no more than one page with answers to these 4 questions:

  1. What are your career goals?
  2. What are you really good at professionally?
  3. What are you not good or not interested in doing at professionally?
  4. Who were your last two bosses, and how will they each rate your performance on a 1-10 scale when we talk to them?

Thanks! Matt

Job Description - Cohort 5 Project Manager

About My Next Electric

My Next Electric is an almost-one-year-old start up dedicated to helping people save money by switching to electric vehicles and appliances. We’re obsessed with helping curious people make a 5-10 year plan to swap their gas stuff for electric. For now, we host a $20 one-month crash course with all the info and coaching someone needs to create a solid plan and take their first baby steps on their journey to electrify their lives.

About our Crash Course

Students spend one month learning the basics of how electric cars and appliances compare to gas, when it makes sense to electrify what, and how doing so saves money - like a bunch of money.

This all happens in zoom, discord/slack, via text and phone, we'll test an IRL session in New Orleans during this next cohort, too. This is a community thing; the bigger the alumni community gets - now 50 strong - the more I’m leaning on them to help current students understand how fun electrifying really can be. Here are a few more details on what folks do in the class:

  • Create a rough timeline for your soon-to-be-electrified life
  • Weekly office-hours on how to electrify each vehicle and appliance you use now
  • Pro-tips on vehicles, appliances and stuff like the #InflationReductionAct
  • Voice + text message coaching
  • Access to our alumni Discord server
  • Access to our simple home-survey tool
  • Access to our online store: get a copy of our card game, grab a t-shirt or a sticker
  • Access to our lending library

Where we are as a company/Why this is such an exciting time to jump on board

My name’s Matt Candler; I’m the Founder of My Next Electric. I don’t have any employees yet; in fact, you'll be the first! I’m doing everything right now, including writing this job posting. I love it, but it is time to ask for some help from someone who’s down to help with any and all the stuff that comes from this scary time in a startup's life - when we start creating systems, and when we start exploring business models that’ll make this all sustainable.

There’s a market here - a few billion people strong; we all need to make the switch away from gas. And there’s revenue; the average homeowner will save $1-2k every year once they electrify. And our new climate law means we have a shot at getting these savings to everyone, especially folks paying a bigger % of earnings to the power company and the gas station. But how to participate in this rapidly evolving corner of the economy remains unclear.

About the Cohort 5 Project Manager role

You'll help me deliver a world-class experience for between 20-30 students who've signed up for our one-month course on how to switch to electric. We start our fifth cohort on Sept 14 and it's filling up way faster than cohorts we ran before the Inflation Reduction Act passed.

I've got an ok mix of content and automation setup, but it might not handle even this mild uptick in volume much less the push to 1,000. Most of the structure and tooling for this course is still manual. Systems are in various states of automation, and I’ll ask you to look at it all with me and jump in where you can to help level up as we answer these two questions:

  1. How might we streamline and automate to get to 1,000 students while leveling even more on what students say is a really good experience (NPS so far: 67).
  2. What business models exist for My Next Electric, especially ones that allow us to share wealth creation with alumni who help us build a strong community?

For now, the Project Manager will spend 5 - 20 hours a week on the following tasks:

  • Marketing the Crash Course: I’ve done my first paid advertising and need someone to develop and run a plan to spend $1-2K in paid outreach by the end of 2022.
  • Warm outreach: I’ve got a rudimentary CRM in place (Streak CRM), but need help with a stronger system of outreach to people I know via socials, LinkedIn, email networks, and other clever ideas I haven’t thought of.
  • CRM and customer funnels: I don’t need a pro here, but I need someone with enough curiosity to help me level up how we track leads, how we welcome people, and how we take care of/wow folks once they’re in the course. There’s lots of no-code tooling here to take advantage of. You’ll take the lead here and level up our customer support and automation game
  • Student data: I need better systems on collecting details on where folks are in their journey. This needs systems and structure. And good communications with students about what we're doing with their data.
  • Video production and social media: There’s great content to add to the student and the lurker experience, and I need help leveling up on zoom recording, slack/discord and social interaction, and testing some IRL sessions in New Orleans.
  • Alumni support: We have some engaged and excited alumni that need direction on how to help build the community.
  • Lending library: I want to roll out a program for alumni and students who want to borrow some of the electric life stuff I and alums are willing to share like: induction stoves, portable solar + batteries, watt-meters, smart switches, thermostats, thermal imaging cams