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interesting take on the personal carbon footprint and contagious behavior...
I like the budget pick - Duxtop 9100. Sturdy, simple, cheap.
Talk to me before you buy these, but this is a good review of the options.
Nice summary of ebike incentives
Great infographic on ebike incentives in US/Canada
Latest on bikes by Micah Toll at electrek - my ebike go to.
Comprehensive - focused on specs. No qualitative reviews.
One of my fave pods on a BIG topic.
Nice summary of Federal Credits for EVs
My dictionary/encyclopedia. Prices are Bay Area, CA late 2021.
The Decision on upgrading your panel or staying with (typical) 100 Amps is a big variable.
Sam, aka heat pump man, on why they’re great.
It’s like Julian’s sneaking into our course and vibing with us! A great overview of portable induction life!
Offsets are still a mess - this is a good take.
I love Canary Media. And Allison breaks down small, medium and large projects in the electric home journey. A nice 4 min vid!
Puneeth writes one of my top 5 favorite newsletters, Flywheel. He works with Reilly Brennan, author of another top read, FoT. He’s been tracking the used market for small EVs for a while. This is what Randy Nonnenberg did right before he launched Bring A Trailer, where $1B of used cars changed hands last year. Puneeth’s put his writing, some of his fave reads from others, and a ton of data all in one place….
Hosted by the cranky, genuine Nate the House Whisperer. Great go to for real talk on electric appliances, esp HVAC, cooking, insulation, hot water.
The science on gas ranges - they aren’t good for you.
One of my 2021 startup ideas was financing this activity. Cool to see things moving here.
An excellent pod from friend of MNE, John Semmelhack
Great overview of how to approach your first ebike.
Erika’s post is spectacularly detailed and makes me feel lame, but I still love having this as a reminder of what I can work on.
Not much out there on V2X, but this is the best resource I’ve found.
Good review includes lots of new models.
Good to see C and D covering EVs now. That’s a tipping point if I’ve ever seen one.
Canary’s great coverage on big part of the IRA.