Electric Vehicles 101 - $40

90 fast and furious minutes:

  • How EVs work differently than gas and how that impacts your day-to-day.
  • Pro-tips on cheap ways to try electric before you buy.
  • How ebikes and micromobility can fit into your vehicle fleet.
  • Discounts on hardware like the NeoCharge smart-charge adapter.
  • Community Q and A and office hours advice.

EV 201: V2X and U - $40

60 minutes on:

  • Vehicle-to-Home/Grid/Load: I’ll cover the basics of V2X and workshop if there’s any role for your EV batteries to play in your personal electric future.
  • Portable appliances you can start plugging in to your EV now.
  • Rough analysis of how V2X might fit into your home/fleet over the next few years.

EVs + Electric Homes 101 - $50

180 minutes on:

  • Electric Vehicles 101


  • How induction cooking works and why it’s so cool so hot right now.
  • How heat pumps are so hot and cool right now.
  • Planning for which appliances you can/can’t/should/shouldn’t electrify, and when.
  • How much you can save with rebates/credits in the Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Advice on if and when solar and/or back up batteries make sense for your home.


Pro-tips and our community hive mind

We help everyone who takes our course find a cheap way to try electric before they buy — from lending libraries, to test drives and test rides, there are hundreds of us sharing what we’re learning about electric before we have to make the big investment in a new ride or machine.

Breaks on gear we trust

I get breaks for alumni on stuff we love, like the JackRabbit ebike and NeoCharge’s smart car charging adapter. If I get a commission on top of your discount, I’ll split that 50/50 with you.

No dumb questions

One of the coolest things about our community is how generous folks are. Alumni of any course we teach get access to that hive mind.

Alumni events in New Orleans, LA, USA

We’re based in New Orleans; it seems silly not to throw a party once in a while. We always make sure there’s an engaging way to dial in from anywhere, so you can feel that NOLA Who Dat love wherever you are.



16 years building electric motorcycles and bikes means I’m bringing my full #motonerd self to moderating. Plus, the feedback from year one of this course is clear - vehicles animate us more than appliances, so it’s EVs first, appliances second.

Learning science

I’ve been building schools and learning tools even longer than electric vehicles; I’m trying to apply some of the latest learning science to this experience so you’ll have a better shot at learning what we’re putting down. I believe going electric gives us a shot at building a world that’s more fair and more fun for all of is — I take having fun on the road to that future pretty seriously.

Open to all + GIF me for your money back

If this price is something you can’t do right now but you want to learn, email me (I’m Matt) for a scholarship coupon code. And while money-back guarantees aren’t totally unique, I think our process is - just email me you’re favorite GIF for a full refund if you’re not 100% jazzed about your experience.

A coach who’s in it with you

I’m Matt. I've been teaching & coaching for 25 years and electrifying vehicles for 15. Making stuff like this fun & easy to understand is my jam. I don’t know it all. But I’m obsessed with creating a space for everyone to learn what they need to save money and live a more joyful life, especially during this messy transition.

I’ve spent the last year figuring out the best way to help people get started on this stuff. My latest and best iteration is a three-hour online course on EVs and homes. We’ve got more and more demand for EVs now, so that 90-min session’s a stand alone session, now! By the end of the course you’ll understand the pieces of the go-electric puzzle, have tried at least one new electric thing, met other curious people, and starting making a plan for your next electric.


Learn more about me and connect here.

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