Electrifying vehicles & homes saves you money & makes life more fun.Let's go.

My Next Electric is a growing community of curious people figuring out the why, how and when of replacing our gas machines with electric alternatives that work better and save money. We provide courses, coaching and space to explore so you can avoid costly mistakes and save the most money.

Stop by at 2P Central and ask me anything about electrifying your vehicles or home. I may not have the answer, but I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction.

Spend 1 hour in our fun, high-energy introductory workshop
Leave with a rough draft of how to electrify your stuff

The Monday opener plus 2 more weeks of coaching & access to our home survey tool
Leave with a detailed plan on WHEN to electrify WHAT

FREE help for people getting crushed by power bills in our hometown

How it works

The weekend before
Pre-Read on WHY it makes sense to electrify your stuff

Monday #1: 1-hour LIVE Intro Session
Electrification BASICS, including how messy it will probably be
Get a rough idea of where you are on your electric journey
Pick one fun and easy electric step to take

Stick around and spend the next two weeks on HOW and WHEN to electrify your stuff.....

Week One
Start planning WHEN to electrify WHAT with our fancy app simple home survey
Join me and others in LIVE Q&A sessions, voice message coaching, discord, slack.

Monday #2: 1-hour LIVE Group Session
Refine your plan in small-group work groups, start mapping what gets electrified next, what can wait

Week Two
Tighten your plan to electrify all your gas stuff when it breaks (or earlier)

Monday #3: 1-hour LIVE Graduation/Unconference
Celebrate: OMG you have a plan, and you're now going electric!
Show and Tell: what you've done, what's next!

It's working.

80% of grads electrify something in their house or garage during the course.
100% leave with a plan to electrify something else after the class.

Don't take my word for it; here's what they say:

180 minutes of non-stop high energy imagineering - Pete

It was fun and cool to hear where other people are at and what they are interested in. - Carl

This was an amazing experience learning about how others are taking the steps to electrify their life. - Thomas

Gave me confidence that we can turn around reliance on fossil fuels - Lucille

We all need to be thinking about how to electrify our lives, and My Next Electric provided a space to learn, explore, co-create, encourage, and take that first...or fifth step. - Kathy

By the end of the course I was armed with more knowledge and motivated to electrify more of my life. It was fun to see where everyone else is in their journey. Matt does an incredible job facilitating. - Gerard

About your coach....

Hi, I'm Matt; I've been teaching & coaching for 25 years and electrifying vehicles for 15. Making stuff like this fun & easy to understand is my jam. Learn more about me here.

Sign up for Our September Cohort!

Monday, Sep 12, 5-6 PM Central
Opt in for the rest of the month if you really dig it!
Join the 1st hour of our fun, high-energy 3-week workshop
Electrification BASICS
Leave with a rough draft of a plan to electrify your stuff

Live Work Sessions Monday Sep 12, 19 and 26 from 5 to 6 Central
1:1 and small group help in between
Make a detailed planning for WHEN to electrify WHAT
Access to our fancy app basic home survey
Get our picks for the best stuff out there - vehicles, appliances, credits and more

See how it works for FREE

Stop by at 2P Central and ask me anything about electrifying your vehicles or home. I may not have the answer, but I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction.
Ask other alums and me anything!

Get going ASAP with the PDF

Download the 2-page cheat sheet students use right now.
Get driving & living electric ASAP.

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Help for New Orleanians

My Next Electric helps you save money by switching from gas to electric vehicles and appliances. We also help folks learn how to save energy in their homes with solar and insulation upgrades.

If you have a WattMeter that looks like this, you can use it to fight vampire power - stuff that uses energy when its "off" but not really off. Click the button to watch a short video on how to save money with it.

If you need more low-power LEDs, Entergy will send you a free package with at least four free bulbs and some other stuff. Click the button to get more of these for free from Entergy.

We're planning free in-person classes in New Orleans on how to electrify, insulate and save tons of money. They're free for anyone struggling to pay your power bill. Click the button to sign up!

Alumni Cheat Sheets