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About Us

How this started and what drives us

My name’s Matt Candler; I’ve been building and driving EVs for 17 years. They’ve always been fun. Now they can save (and make you) more money than a gas car if you do a few things right. But knowing when and how to switch to electric can be tough.

After a few years of answering emails, texts and DMs with EV advice, I realized lots of people needed simple, actionable advice on how and when to get into an EV.

I started My Next Electric in 2021 to help anyone go electric. Since then, hundreds of people have come to this community to start their EV journey. I hope you’ll find this a place you can call your EV home, too. Thanks for being here.


Matt Candler


Q: Why trust me and my team on this topic?

A: I’m an educator, energytech investor and EV designer; I’ve been training for this assignment since I was 16.

  • I’m a veteran educator. More than 9 million families have been served by schools and learning tools I’ve helped entrepreneurs build; I dig helping people learn new things.
  • I’m an award-winning negotiations coach. I sent the salesman to the manager’s office 5 times before I bought my first car at 16. Thanks for the coaching, dad. I won negotiating awards in business school and have taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to do it.
  • I’m an award-winning EnergyTech Advisor. I advise companies across the US ike B2U, operator of the country’s largest used-EV-battery power plant; NeoCharge, maker of a smart splitter for EV chargers, and Edge Energy, maker of charging gear that helps people in rural communities charge as fast as anyone else.
  • I’m an electric vehicle designer. Here’s a bike The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus tested on his show, The Ride. Building EVs makes me a better coach since I know how they work, and how they can break. :|
  • I live in Louisiana. If you live in California, you probably don’t need an EV coach; 1 in 4 new cars there is an EV. Where I live, it’s closer to 1 in 100. If I can help people here love life with an EV, I can probably help you. No matter where you live (or how you vote), YOU deserve a safe space to explore making your next vehicle(s) electric.

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