No Easy Day
No Easy Day

No Easy Day


Mark Owen and Kevin Maurer

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No Easy Day

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Location 474:

was all a part of preparing us for the real world, and ferreting out the “Gray Man.” He was the guy who blended into the group. Never the best guy, but also not the worst, the Gray Man always met the standards, exceeding them rarely, and stayed invisible. To root out the Gray Man, the instructors gave us a few minutes at the end of the week to perform peer rankings.

Note: when do w do this at 4.0? should we? develop? laun h?

Location 478:

The instructors gave each one of us a piece of paper. “Top five, bottom five, gentlemen,” one of the instructors said. “You’ve got five minutes.”

Note: peer review. vil cap

Location 2372:

Logic won out in both battles. We didn’t carry the police light and Ali was in uniform. This kind of stuff always happens when planners get into the weeds. The CIA asked us to take a sixty-pound box that blocked cell phone signals. Weight was already an issue, so that good idea died quickly. If we

Location 2375:

had all the time back we wasted fighting the fairy, we might regain a few years of our lives.