We help fleet managers get started with electric vehicles.


We help you figure out the what, when and where of getting into EVs. It doesnt’ matter if you’re just exploring or if the clock’s already ticking on an EV grant or other deadline; we’ll get you from EV-curious to EV-confident ASAP.


We’ll help you figure out what vehicles make the most sense for your budget, your timeline and the work you want to get done.


We’ll time your move into EVs well — to maximize incentives and make sure you get the right vehicles based on what’s available vs. what’s coming soon.


We’ll work with your utility and contractors to make sure your charging gear is installed where it makes the most sense for how you might use your EVs.


We’ll explore things EVs can do that gas vehicles can’t, like providing backup power to critical facilities or portable power for getting more done in the field.


We’ll equip you with data and confidence to start convincing the biggest skeptics of why EVs make financial and practical sense for you.


We’re experts in 3 things that impact fleets adding EVs.


Our Founder, Matt Candler, is a national education expert. He makes sure your entire team understands how to use and take care of your EVs.

Energy Tech

Matt advises energy tech companies across the US like B2U, operator of the country’s largest used-EV-battery power plant; NeoCharge, maker of a popular smart splitter for EV chargers; and Edge Energy, maker of charging gear that lets people in rural communities charge as fast as anyone else. We make sure your plan works not just on today’s grid, but tomorrow’s.

EV design

Matt’s an experienced electric vehicle designer. His bikes have been featured on TV, in books and at national bike shows. Here’s a bike The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus rode in season one of his show, The Ride.

The Leafy Savage
The Leafy Savage

Building EVs makes us better advisors because we can explain how EVs can serve as better vehicles that let you get more done faster, not because someone’s telling you to use them.


My name’s Matt Candler; I’m the founder of My Next Electric. I’m an EVnerd not a preacher. I’m obsessed with helping people get into EVs because of how they can work better, not because you’re being forced to drive them. EVs can do most of the jobs your gas vehicles do better, faster and cheaper — if you do a few things right when you’re getting started.

Q: Why should you trust me on this?

A: I don’t know everything about this topic; no one does. But my team brings to this work a unique mix of things that matter most to fleets ready to make their move to EVs wisely.

My New Orleans shop
My New Orleans shop
  • I’m a veteran educator. More than 9 million families have been served by schools and learning tools I’ve helped entrepreneurs build; I dig helping people learn new things.
  • I’m an award-winning negotiations coach. I sent the salesman to the manager’s office 5 times before I bought my first car at 16. Thanks for the coaching, dad. I won negotiating awards in business school and have taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to do it.
  • I’m an award-winning EnergyTech Advisor. I advise companies across the US ike B2U, operator of the country’s largest used-EV-battery power plant; NeoCharge, maker of a smart splitter for EV chargers, and Edge Energy, maker of charging gear that helps people in rural communities charge as fast as anyone else.
  • I’m an electric vehicle designer. Here’s a bike The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus tested on his show, The Ride. Building EVs makes me a better coach since I know how they work, and how they can break. :|
  • I’ve got a wide network of skilled partners. From accountants to electricians to dealers, I’ve got a network of partners that will make sure we make the best decisions on the right timeline, on budget.
  • I live in Louisiana. If you live in CA, you probably don’t need an EV coach; 1 of every 5 new cars bought there last year was electric. About 1 in 100 new cars bought where I live were electric. If I can help people go electric here, I can probably help you.