Our emerging thesis: Batteries Included.

Here’s what our investing thesis looks like on Saul Griffith’s map

We’re working towards a more precise investment thesis, based on this map.


Our portfolio

  • B2U Energy Storage Solutions: B2U runs the largest 2nd-life EV battery power plant in the US.
  • Flux Hybrids: Led by Micah Ulrich, Flux adds electric drivetrains to lightweight trucks.
  • Edge Energy: Greg York’s team is keeping EVs near the edge of the grid charged.
  • Accelerate Wind: Erika Boeing’s pairing existing roof-top solar with wind power captured at the edge of the roof.
  • NeoCharge: Spencer Harrison’s built a smart 240V splitter and software to help EV drivers save money charging at home.
  • Channing Copper: Charlie is the first ever energy storage equipped induction range.
  • Aptera Motors: Aptera is a Solar Electric Vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use.