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The My Next Electric Crash Course

Welcome to my crash course on the basics of how to go electric, starting with your vehicles. There’s a 30-minute sprint you can take whenever you want for $20. A few times a year I do a 60-minute LIVE session for $50. Both cover the same EV content:

  • EV vs Gas: Vehicle design and why you should care
  • Personal vehicle fleets
    • How they might evolve as we electrify
    • My current fleet
  • Recommended newsletters, videos, pods
  • Access to:
    • Weekly office hours
    • Buying guides/wiki updates
    • E-bike and induction stove lending library

The 60-min live session comes with:

  • Small group workshopping/planning/therapy
  • Ask Me Anything: testing, buying, living with EVs
  • Discussion on emerging electric vehicle news
    • One concept (i.e. V2H - Power your home with EV battery)
    • One vehicle (i.e. Telo, the Mini-Cooper sized-pickup)

What alumni say:


Beyond the crash course

The crash course unlocks two powerful tools for weaving electric vehicles into your day to day - our virtual textbook/wiki and weekly office hours.


Virtual textbook/wiki

The My Next Electric hive mind is strong. We’re constantly updating this rich collection with practical stuff you can use to explore electric.

  • Tips, ideas on how to try electric before you buy
  • Buying guides on cars, e-bikes and emerging micro-mobility options
  • Our picks on the latest newsletter, video and long-from content about driving & riding electric
  • Alumni discounts: We’re constantly testing new gear, and when we find something we really dig, we go get breaks for our alumni on it. like the JackRabbit ebike and NeoCharge’s smart car charging adapter.

Learning science

I’ve been building schools and learning tools even longer than I have electric vehicles, so part of this project is about basic brain science. I hope that means you’ll have more fun, and have a better shot at learning what I’m putting down.

Open to all

If this price is something you can’t do right now but you want to learn, email me (I’m Matt) for a scholarship coupon code. No Qs asked.

100% money back if you don’t like it

Money-back guarantees aren’t totally unique, but our process is. Just email me you’re favorite GIF for a full refund if you’re not 100% jazzed about your experience. No Qs asked.