My Next Electric is an 18-month old solo-founder company that’s found traction with users in an $800B market but hasn’t picked a business model yet. So I’m hiring 4 Experimental COOs, giving each $25K and 3 months to test 1 of 4 promising business lines. Welcome to 4x25: The Experimental COO Project.

Goals of 4x25

  • For My Next Electric: Validate 1-4 promising internal business models.
  • For 1-4 COOs: Cash, community and coaching to build a profitable climate-tech business.


Hire 4 Experimental COOs; give each $25K and 3 months to test 4 promising business lines.

  • Holding Company: Take ownership stakes in producers and installers of electric vehicles, charging gear, and appliances that store energy.
  • Agency: Help local governments, schools, utilities and corporate clients go electric.
  • Experimental Lab: Run controlled experiments that explore design, use, and ownership of electric vehicles and appliances that can store energy.
  • School: Teach industry apprentices to install and consumers about going electric.


April 5 - Oct 5, 2023

  • April 5: Write up project plan after drawing this sketch
  • April 6: Publish plan, start outreach
  • April 17: Rebrand role from CEO to COO
  • May 4: App Deadline
  • May: Candidates pitch 3 month plans and interview
  • June - August: CEOs build best $25K business they can in 3 months
  • September: Crunch numbers, develop succession plan if model has potential
  • October 5: Publish report on lessons learned and ideas on where to go next

If you’re curious about applying…

  1. Thank you. Your time’s valuable, and I’ll try to respect it.

Here’s what I’d recommend to get up to speed on what this is all about:

  1. Read the launch post and this edit
  2. Take our crash course to understand our unique fun/curious take on electrification - free link
  3. Check out my leadership toolkit for more on how I think about building teams/companies
  4. Come to my weekly office hours and ask any questions you’ve got!Start drafting a one page plan for your first week.
  5. Start drafting a one page plan for June-August.
  6. Submit 5 and 6 and a few more details on the formal application here

About My Next Electric and why we’re doing this 4x25 project

  • My Next Electric helps people switch to electric vehicles and appliances that store energy. Along the way, we’re trying to co-create wealth and delight with employees, partners and customers.
  • Matt Candler founded My Next Electric in 2021. How it started. How it’s going.
  • If hired, you’ll be paid a monthly salary (no retirement or health benefits) based on what you propose in your app (out of $25K)
  • If you build a profitable business line in 3 months, you will unlock the opportunity to earn up to 5% of equity in My Next Electric.
  • We think diverse teams work better; we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.
  • This is an exempt, full-time gig (May-Sep) w/no benefits nor guarantee of employment after.
  • You’ll get lifetime access to my leadership training and a 4-month crash course on CEO-ing

LIVE Status of each role

  • As of June 1, we’re live with an amazing cohort of Experimental COOs.
  • We’ll update the status of each role here as we make hires
    • Holding Co: Apps closed
    • Agency: Apps closed
    • Battery: Apps closed
    • School: Apps closed