Our thesis

We’re working towards a more precise investment thesis, based on this map.


Our portfolio

  • B2U Energy Storage Solutions: B2U runs the largest 2nd-life EV battery power plant in the US.
  • Flux Hybrids: Led by Micah Ulrich, Flux adds electric drivetrains to lightweight trucks.
  • Edge Energy: Greg York’s team is keeping EVs near the edge of the grid charged.
  • Accelerate Wind: Erika Boeing’s pairing existing roof-top solar with wind power captured at the edge of the roof.
  • NeoCharge: Spencer Harrison’s built a smart 240V splitter and software to help EV drivers save money charging at home.
  • Channing Copper: Charlie is the first ever energy storage equipped induction range.
  • Aptera Motors: Aptera is a Solar Electric Vehicle that requires no charging for most daily use.
  • TBD: 👇 Pete’s planning to make our next investment this summer!

Our Investor-In-Residence

Pete Christensen’s based in San Diego, CA, and is one of 4 Experimental COOs working with My Next Electric this summer.

  • What he’s doing: Pete’s a world-class chemist/entrepreneur crafting a coherent angel investing strategy for My Next Electric that leads to at least one new investment by the end of the summer.
  • Why I’m psyched: From micro-mobility to recycling, Pete’s leveraged his unique take as a chemist to build some amazing clean-energy-transition companies. He’s leaning on that unique perspective to build a fresh take on investing that’s aligned with our take on co-creating wealth and having fun as key levers to speed the pace of going electric.

Schedule a call

We’re working all summer (2023) to refine a plan for investing in electrification that’s informed by the rest of our work and leverages our expertise in helping people navigate the clean energy transition. If nothing here works for your schedule, email us and we’ll get something else on the calendar!

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