Hi BRNCDA, may the 4th be with you.

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I’m honored to be with you all today and hope I can add some value.

About me

My bio: Life-long car/truck guy who’s dad’s first job was at Hub Ford in Atlanta. I’ve spent 25 years designing schools and educational tech, 15 years building electric motorcycles, & 8 years driving/hacking electric cars.

I’m an active angel investor in EV related stuff, including the largest used EV battery power plant in the US, a medium-duty EV truck conversion co, and a rural charging company.

I also teach classes for drivers on going electric when it makes sense for them. I’ve just started teaching classes and advising dealers, general contractors and electricians on related topics.

Matt Candler 504 939 5932

About Clean Fuels Louisiana

I just took over the New Orleans Drive Electric chapter, so I’m covering for the Clean Fuels Louisiana team. Ann’s running an impressive team and she’s on top of her game. She should be in your contacts.

Ann Vail | Executive Director | Louisiana Clean Fuels | 225-281-7353 |

Here are Ann’s key bullet points for today:

Ann’s slides

Here are Ann’s slides on EVs, charging, and where we’re headed.


My “slides”

EVs vs ICE

There were 72% more electric than gas cars on US roads in 1900.
How electric cars lost to gas? Gasoline energy density 100X batteries
Gas is just that good at storing energy, even though gasoline engines kinda suck.
We use 1B mostly gas machines to do work for us in the US today.
In the last 30 years, batteries are getting better. And much, much cheaper.

Today - Electric catches up

Electric motors do not suck.
Electric’s got the edge on cost improvements, motor efficiency and maintenance costs.
The 5% tipping point?
  • Norway hit 5%… then Europe hit it….We just hit it….
  • image
Life-time costs for EVs are even or cheaper than gas now.
The Canary in the Coal mine?