Welcome to the My Next Electric wiki - a space for lowering stress and building confidence in going electric on your own terms. It pairs nicely with our crash course and weekly office hours.

Electric cars 101

We think a little breakdown on vehicle design goes a long way towards lowering anxiety on the gas to electric switch. Let’s focus on 3 critical differences in how these machines work:

  • Gas is way better than battery at storing energy.
  • Electric is way better than gas at converting energy into motion.
  • All we can do with gas energy is burn it; we can do more with energy in an EV’s battery (use it to power our house, sell it back to the utility, power other stuff).

Did you know there were 72% more electric than gas cars on the road in 1900?

1900-2020ish: Gas’s energy advantage makes that the top choice
How electric cars lost to gas? Gasoline energy density is 100X better than batteries
Gas is just that good at storing energy, even though gasoline engines kinda suck.
We use 1B mostly gas machines to do work for us in the US today.
In the last 30 years, batteries are getting better. And much, much cheaper.
2020ish-Beyond: Batteries get way cheaper and electric’s pulling ahead
Electric motors do not suck.
Electric’s got the edge on cost improvements, motor efficiency and maintenance costs.
The 5% tipping point?
  • Norway hit 5%… then Europe hit it….We just hit it….
  • image
Life-time costs for EVs are even or cheaper than gas now.

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, here are a few things to think about.

3 kinds of electric cars

You’ve actually got three to choose from.

  • Hybrid Electric (HEV): For the most part, HEVs are gas cars with tiny helper motors. They don’t really do much to get you away from the risks of gas we covered above.
  • PHEV (Plug-In Electric Hybrid): Two drivetrains in one car, both powerful enough to push the car on their own. If the batteries here are big enough (30-50 miles) and you’ve got an easy way to charge each night, you can do most of your short trips just on the electric motor, and use your full-size gas motor for long trips. As with the HEV, you’ve got two drivetrains here, and lots of gas bits to break and maintain.
  • BEV (Battery Electric): Simpler, pure electric. You’ll get the maintenance advantage, and the flexibility of any fuel that be converted to electricity cheaply and cleanly (like solar, wind). And you’ll have to deal with the less effective energy density of an electric.

Compare before you buy

It isn’t pretty, but this is a cool way to get some data about how cars compare to each other on fuel and total ownership

Buying’s getting easier

Converting EVs


This is really fun and simple to do. It can be done cheaply for ~$200. I’d recommending a ~$300-$600 package from Grin.

Grin Technologies - Great at e-bike conversion parts

Night Shift Bikes - my motorcycle and bike projects, not for sale, just sharin’


I’m part of a community of folks who convert electric motorcycles for personal use. I wouldn’t buy a converted bike from anyone; they’re poorly regulated and mostly for personal use by qualified builders. If you’re in that category, here are a few places I rely on for guidance: - old-school board for builders

Night Shift Bikes - my motorcycle and bike projects


Realistically, this is an expensive endeavor. Most reputable shops are going to ask you to bring a very nice used car that they won’t have to repair. They’ll put likely Tesla battery packs and Tesla or Netgain motors in it and charge you 35-75K. Here are the two best shops IMO.

Moment Motors, Austin, TX

EV West, LA, CA

Here are a few good reads for your search. You can also join our office hours any time here.

Alumni Resources

A great review of used EVs from Max at Out of Spec guide
Big EV
Inside EVs Electric Car list
Big EV
Podcast: Will truck lovers go electric? | Canary Media
Big EV
Electric Vehicles With a 250-Mile-Plus Range on a Charge - Consumer Reports
Big EV

Electric homes 101

There are about ten things in your home that you can electrify over the next ~10 years; you’ll save money, and live healthier.

Cheat sheet

This 1 pager is actually page 33 of the Go Electric Guide, but it’s so compact, we’re giving it special airtime.

Rebate/credit calcs

This is a comprehensive calculator on incentives available in the Inflation Reduction Act. It can be a little rosy on install costs, but it’s a great place to drill down on what and when to make swaps.

  • Plug in get in where you live and what income bracket you’re in for details on what you’ll get out of the IRA.
  • Dig into the great guides on each piece of the puzzle!

Don’t replace gas w/gas

“My next ___ will be electric.” - You

  • US: 1 Billion machines to swap; every one counts.
    • Swapping every machine to electric at end of life is ~1.5 degrees C.
    • Your home: 10 machines to swap; every one counts. (42%)
    • Swapping a gas ___ for another gas ___ leaves you out of saving $ for 10-20 years.
  • You don’t have to panic, but you do need a plan.
    • We’re at lifecycle parity now. Purchase price parity soon. That leaves 3 things:
      • Financing. Solve for upfront gap; Inflation Reduction Act helps .
      • Supply. Your electrician, the manufacturers, chip shortage.
      • Behavior. How you use the stuff to live your life.

The one pager

This is a one (ok, two sides) pager I wrote to go deeper into the science behind Rule #2.

The My Next Electric One Pager 1.0.pdf5031.7KB

Alumni perks

Some cool stuff you can access if you’ve taken one of our cool courses.

Lending Library


We manage a few e-bikes in New Orleans you can borrow for a week at a time. Email if you’re interested!


We manage a fleet of 110V portable induction stoves that we send via mail or in-person in New Orleans you can borrow for a week at a time. All you pay is shipping. Email if you’re interested!



1 billion machines

Shout out to Saul Griffith, founder of Rewiring America for his post on 1 Billion Machines

  • Sankey 2021: Quad = 1 quadrillion (1015) BTUs or 293.07 TWh
  • image
  • Behold the Super Sankey
  • image
  • The Billion Machine Sankey
  • image
  • The Household Sankey
  • image

10 machines in your home


Cohort 1-10 link library

Week 1 Zoom Video
Redwood Energy Guide (Start page 41)
3 Best Portable Induction Stovetops
WTF Is Induction Cooking Video
Chef Electrifying Kitchen Article
Cooking Without Gas Article
Problems with Gas Stovetops Video
New Orleans Selected for Local Energy Action
The Best Stove for your Health
Energy Within Environmental Constraints Course
Thursday Worksheet
Week 2 Zoom Video
Green Hydrogen Podcast Episode
Clean Power Generation Article
Clean Power Transition Podcast Episode
State Incentives Database
Free Personal Energy Footprint Audit
Induction Stove Top Mat
Rewire America’s Guide to the IRA
Rewire America’s IRA Savings Calculator
Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
Bringing Infrastructure Home, 50-State Home Electrification Report
Google’s Project Sunroof
How to Electrify Your Home - Podcast
Dept. of Energy Vehicle Comparison Calculator
Rewiring America Go Electric One-Page Guide
A How-To Guide to Electrify Your Home - Podcast
Electrify Everything Facebook Group
HVAC Comfort Consultant Finder
B2U - 2nd Life EV Battery Storage Company
EVs that Qualify for the IRA Tax Credits
Ultra-Low Energy Comparison Guide
New Solar Powered EV Concept

Book list

My Next Electric book list

Your next ___ should be electric: We need to swap out 1B of them.
You’re an electrifier... Think about who you are more than what tasks you have to do.
Be curious: Breakthroughs will probably emerge from the edges of current system.
Be optimistic: Solar, batteries, chips, and manufacturing can scale exponentially.

Newsletters/Pods - Newsletter from Reilly Brennan. Automobile heavy.

Flywheel - Newsletter from Puneeth Meruva. Ebike sub #1.

ClimateTech VC - Great summaries of specific themes in clean transition.

Broken Ground - Great coverage of collective action that’s working in Memphis.

The Weekly Planet - Great weekly from author of my fave take on Inflation Reduction Act.


Alumni Resources

TitleLinkMatt's takeFeatured
interesting take on the personal carbon footprint and contagious behavior...
I like the budget pick - Duxtop 9100. Sturdy, simple, cheap.
Talk to me before you buy these, but this is a good review of the options.
Nice summary of ebike incentives
Great infographic on ebike incentives in US/Canada
Latest on bikes by Micah Toll at electrek - my ebike go to.
Comprehensive - focused on specs. No qualitative reviews.
One of my fave pods on a BIG topic.
Nice summary of Federal Credits for EVs
My dictionary/encyclopedia. Prices are Bay Area, CA late 2021.
The Decision on upgrading your panel or staying with (typical) 100 Amps is a big variable.
Sam, aka heat pump man, on why they’re great.
It’s like Julian’s sneaking into our course and vibing with us! A great overview of portable induction life!
Offsets are still a mess - this is a good take.
Canary’s great coverage on big part of the IRA.
Hosted by the cranky, genuine Nate the House Whisperer. Great go to for real talk on electric appliances, esp HVAC, cooking, insulation, hot water.
Erika’s post is spectacularly detailed and makes me feel lame, but I still love having this as a reminder of what I can work on.
Good to see C and D covering EVs now. That’s a tipping point if I’ve ever seen one.
I love Canary Media. And Allison breaks down small, medium and large projects in the electric home journey. A nice 4 min vid!
The science on gas ranges - they aren’t good for you.
An excellent pod from friend of MNE, John Semmelhack
Puneeth writes one of my top 5 favorite newsletters, Flywheel. He works with Reilly Brennan, author of another top read, FoT. He’s been tracking the used market for small EVs for a while. This is what Randy Nonnenberg did right before he launched Bring A Trailer, where $1B of used cars changed hands last year. Puneeth’s put his writing, some of his fave reads from others, and a ton of data all in one place….
Good review includes lots of new models.
Great overview of how to approach your first ebike.
One of my 2021 startup ideas was financing this activity. Cool to see things moving here.
Not much out there on V2X, but this is the best resource I’ve found.